Developing Your Sketchbook Approach

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Sketchbook Resources for Teachers & Pupils

AccessArt ran a highly successful Esmee-Fairbairn funded project called Sketchbooks in Schools, during which AccessArt and a number of sketchbook \”advocates\” worked with schools across England to help introduce, embed and develop sketchbook use in their schools. As a result of this project a large number of resources were created aimed at teachers of all key stages.

This page has been designed to make it easier to navigate through the resources available, via teaching pathways.

Developing sketchbook use in your school requires a certain level of commitment. We hope teachers can invest time in these resources as a form of CPD, and the teaching pathways described below should help that journey.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of AccessArt delivering an INSET session to help develop sketch books in your school or cluster please email here or call 01223 262134.

You need to be an AccessArt member to access most of these resources, but the following resources are free to access.

Free to Access

Introducing Sketchbooks

The following resources help you to prepare to introduce the idea behind keeping sketchbooks to your pupils. They are designed to help widen perceptions of what sketchbooks are, and how they might be used. 

Making Sketchbooks

Making sketchbooks, rather than buying sketchbooks, can be both cost effective and encourage pupils and students to engage in the creative process from the outset. Made sketchbooks also help students feel a sense of ownership towards their work.

Developing your Approach

These resources help you to consider how you might fill your sketchbooks. You might also want to view our selection of drawing resources.

Seeing Sketchbooks

Artists share their sketchbooks…

Starting Points...

Ready to get started…

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